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Specialising in formwork and shoring

Based in Savoie, at the crossroads of the road network between Lyon, Geneva, and Turin, Alphi is a company offering a complete range of formwork and shoring solutions for every construction project. The company now has an international presence, achieved through customers satisfaction and the quality of the products offered.

The world leaders in construction - Vinci, Bouygues, Eiffage, Spie - trust Alphi's expertise.
From prisons to hospitals, from mountain resorts to skyscrapers over 100 m tall, Alphi is present all over the country, and internationally.

Alphi's R&D approach is firmly innovation-oriented in terms of safety and prevention.

Alphi products are designed to cope with the problems encountered on building sites: lighter materials, making work less arduous and reducing repetitive strain injuries, ease of use, ability to adapt to complex shapes, eco-design, etc.

Studies concerning Alphi innovations are conducted in collaboration with research bodies, occupational health authorities, and innovation support organisations. Product testing is conducted by the LOCIE independent laboratory at the University of Savoie Mont-Blanc.

Sustainable development, the circular economy and CSR are at the centre of the concerns and the strategic aims of the company, in order to:

  • produce whilst limiting the consumption and wastage of raw materials and non-renewable energy sources,
  • contribute to responsible behaviour on worksites by limiting the risks to worker health through the use of environment-friendly products and methods.

The company's R&D Department has even adopted the concept of Corporate Social Responsability: "contributing to solving sustainable development issues through ethical and transparent behaviour, for better handling of the environmental and social effects of the company's activity".

Alphi's latest innovations are the perfect example of this. A product like the TopDalle Éco formwork system is totally compatible with the concepts of the green economy, economical use, and industrial ecology that characterise the circular economy.

The design and manufacture of Alphi products are guarantees of quality and take place in this country. Alphi is the first formwork manufacturer to receive the "Origine France Garantie" label.

This label is a clear recognition of the approach taken by Alphi's management ever since the company was founded: always promoting French expertise.

Professionals: builders, occupational health authorities; users: aware of the initiative aiming to innovate and improve working conditions on worksites, recognise the quality of Alphi products!

2015's prize-winners: AlphiSafe, safety done safely; TopDalle Eco, the formwork system that combines safety with ecology; Monte-Tour, a revolutionary tower assembly system.

2017: MaxUp&Down was awarded the Mat d’Or label for “The best equipment and tools for construction” and subsequently won the equipment and machinery prize at the Intermat Innovation Awards in 2018.

Alphi facts and figures

  • 1995: creation of Alphi
  • 4 subsidiaries in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Qatar
  • 1 500 projects per year handled nationwide
  • 100 000 m² of formwork produced each year
  • Equipment fleet: 
    • 130 000 props
    • 200 000 m² of formwork
    • 2 300 tons of shoring
    • 2 000 m² of vertical formwork

A family business


Alexandre Souvignet, Chief Executive Officer of Alphi, and Philippe Souvignet, Managing Director, with Edmond Souvignet, founder of the company.