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New hospital of Libourne - Libourne (33)

The project of the new hospital in Libourne includes the construction of a new building for the hospitalization and the consultation activities. GTM Bâtiment Aquitaine (Vinci Construction France) won the market for the conception and building of this project and chose the formwork MaxiDalle to realize the concrete slabs.

The project

The construction of the new building of 42 000 m² began on 2015 and will need approximatively two and a half years. The building will include 6 levels. It allows to double the capacity of places compared to the existing building, that means it will reach 477 beds for accomodation and 33 places for day hospital. The technical complexity concerning each floor was to propose the same formwork system, that allows to realize as well the interior slabs than the several cantilever situations of the building.

MaxiDalle, essential for hospital buildings

The formwork system MaxiDalle, particulary adapted to functional structures, has proven it on many constructions of hospital buildings on the entire national territory. 4200 m² of formwork MaxiDalle have been necessary for this hospital which is one of the most important of Aquitaine. The Team Vinci, in charge of the laying of the material, have appreciate the easy handling and utilization of this system, as well as its good productivity due to these facts, when the heights to do the formwork was 3.50m with panels of 120 x 150 cm. Also approved, the collective security system AlphiSafe newly developped by Alphi which allowed an easy set up safely.

Benchmarks sites

Customer : GTM Bâtiment Aquitaine

Surface concerned : 37 000 m²

Construction time : 5 month(s)

Contact Alphi : Abdel Lamsaoui