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Foundation Luma - Arles (13)

The Foundation Luma invests in Arles for an experimental cultural complex. The completion of the work, designed by the architect Franck Gehry, is provided by a JV VINCI Construction France (Dumez mediterranean, Dumez South and GTM South). Alphi was in charge of the shoring for the whole Group.

A project with a cultural and artistic vocation
The private foundation of Maja Hoffmann has launched, in 2013, the Luma project, in Arles, in the heart of the Workshops Park. This cultural campus of international dimension will bring together artists, researchers and creators from different countries.
This complex includes the realization of a big landscaped park of 6 ha, the renovation of 5 old industrial buildings and construction of a new building called “ Resource Building”, a tower of 56 meters high, which will host the Foundation’s collection, the apartments for the artists and a restaurant.

The key part: a tower of glass and steel
The Teams of VINCI Construction France realize the “Resource Building” of 10 000 m², surrounded at its base by a glass rotunda and covered with a stainless steel façade. The building, with irregular facets, is built around a gigantic 10 storey concrete tower, which serves as a central core, to which 4 other towers will be anchored via a metallic interlacing, a semi buried 8 meters high constitutes the base of the tower. Around this core, some “petal” floors are supported by a metal frame. The architectural challenge is that no level is similar to another. The work is scheduled to be completed in 2018.

ALPHI, accustomed to strong constraints
The “resource Building” presents a particular constructive complexity, due to its unprecedented architecture. The floors have all a different shape. The beams are cast in place, at different levels and high heights, requiring shoring to an average height of 7 m, and up to 20 m. Beyond the technical and architectural challenges, the realization of such a work implies a permanent adaptability: Tight schedule, strong security constraints… Alphi has been able to answer to the constraints with its shoring towers: Shoring Tower A120 and Tourechaf, in accordance with recommendation of CRAMIF NT24. Its characteristics are a safe assembly and disassembly, thus limiting the risk of falls in height for our Team of 30 assemblers, mobilized in the construction site. These towers are also distinguished by their ease of use and the low weight of their components which contributes to the fight against the pain.

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Customer : VINCI Construction

Surface concerned : 30 000 m²

Construction time : 4,5 month(s)

Contact Alphi : Olivier Bismuth