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La Cartoucherie car park - Toulouse (31)

For this building project led by Eiffage, the complementary systems supplied by Alphi concerning the formwork, propping and security prevention allowed to well succeed for the construction of a six level silo car park in the new quarter called La Cartoucherie in Toulouse (South of France).

Some historical details...

This quarter, called in the past Arsenal des Pyrénées, was created under Revolution in 1792. More recently, this area was occupied by a private Company, manufacturer of weapons for the french government. The realization of an ecological quarter on this Toulouse area will keep in consideration the conservation of most of the heritage features, for example the cover market place.

The project

The new quarter of La Cartoucherie covers an area of 33 hectares, made of residential housing, public services, shops and offices. Eiffage chose Alphi for the realization of an airy car park with open faces, six levels, with a total surface of 12 000m².

A beautiful representation of the products Alphi

The Alphi formwork systems TopDalle and MaxiDalle have well answered to the architect's requirement who wished to get different surfaces results inside and in the periphery of the building, which had to be more regular and aesthetic.

The shoring towers A120 associated to the Alto Shuttering Plates and to the collective preventive barrier AlphiSafe, Alphi's new patented innovation, allowed to succeed in some cantilevered constructions intended all around the building.

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Customer : Eiffage

Surface concerned : 12 000 m²

Construction time : 4 month(s)

Contact Alphi : Abdel Lamsaoui