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Hospital Center North Deux-Sèvres - Faye-l’Abbesse

Built in Faye-l’Abbesse by Bouygues Batiment Great West, The hospital Center of North Deux-Sèvres will be raised on four levels. The MaxiDalle system, formwork panels Alphi, perfectly matched to this type of work, has been chosen for the construction of the 28 000 m² floor of the building. A new lifting tool, the MaxUpDown, has been developed on this occasion.

The project
The hospital Center of North Deux-Sèvres, scheduled to open during this spring, will regroup the surgical activity of the three current hospitals of Parthenay Bressuire and Thouars. It will accommodate more than 290 beds. The main constructive constraints of this new building resided in its location in a category 4 seismic zone and in the density of the structure, constraining its overflight by the cranes. For this reason, the cast-in-place solution has been favored, more easily controlled, and more flexible in terms of organization than a precast-slabs solution.

Safety = productivity
Alphi’s vision of « designing and manufacturing the most productive products in terms of productivity through user safety and the fight against painfulness » is one of the major issues facing Bouygues. Thus, Alphi’s R&D department was able to provide an innovative and immediate answer to the question raised by the site manager: “how can we eliminate the painfulness for the workers when installing and removing the formwork panels?” So MaxUpDown was born, a tool for lifting the MaxiDalle which, beyond the removal of manual handling of loads, the fight against the painfulness and the reduction of the MSD, allows a gain of productivity of + 33 %.

The point of view of Etienne Poignant
“This was for me the fourth collaboration with Alphi, the first three projects dealt with the company have been realized with TopDalle. We enjoyed working again closely with Alphi on this “first” in MaxiDalle. In fact, we have retained this panel formwork system for the Hospital Center North Deux-Sèvres for three reasons. Above all – Safety: Alphi has a good knowledge of the requirements expected by the Bouygues Group in this domain. The ergonomics side of the material: when the installation is at 3.80 m high, as it was the case in this site, the work of the companions is particularly physical and we are attentive to any initiative to facilitate their work. With this in mind, Alphi has developed the MaxUpDown. The tool was delivered at the start of the construction and tested in real configuration, allowing continuous adjustments and improvement throughout the work. A “win-win” collaboration! Third argument: the productivity, proven, as the formwork was laid at a high rate of 150 m²/day to solve a very tight schedule.”

_Lead Construction Manager – Bouygues Batiment Great West

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Customer : Bouygues Bâtiment Grand Ouest

Surface concerned : 26 240 m²

Contact Alphi : Eric Haentjens