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Auditorium Arena - Floirac (33)

The future large concert hall in the Bordeaux area, is built on the right band of the Garonne, in the town of Floirac, in Gironde. Bouygues Construction Center South-West, in charge on the works, decides to renew its collaboration with ALPHI on this exceptional project.

« Bordeaux Metropole Arena » is designed according to the model of the amphitheater. Its architectural design, signed by the agency Rudy Ricciotti, and its features place it at the height of the world’s largest enclosure. Recognizable by its rounded shape and the white of its concrete envelope, it will be fully modular, with a capacity of 2 500 to 11 000 places. It is intended to host all types of events: major cultural, variety and sporting events. Its opening is announced by 2018.

The geometric shape of this Arena, both vertically and horizontally, is a challenge for Bouygues Team, who have to make a double concrete curve, cast in-situ, and to keep the same shade of white on the whole work. The ALPHI formwork and shoring systems allow to solve some specific requirements of this project: a very high shoring height and a floor thickness greater than the usual values. Thus, the TopDalle and the MaxiDalle formworks, the A120 & TourEchaf shoring towers, the AlphiSafe collective safety system, have been retained by the construction company for their performance and reliability.

The point of view of Stephane Coquilleau
”We have a parnership with ALPHI that has been running for several years. We work with confidence, and often with innovative equipment. A confidence in the technical level also, the habits of work created with the design office allow us to respect the stakes of the building site, in terms of planning in particular. For me, I particularly appreciate the TopDalle for its ability to adapt to all the geometric constraints, especially on the building sites for housings.”

_Head of Maitrise Group Bouygues construction center South-West.

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Customer : Bouygues Bâtiment Centre Sud-Ouest

Construction time : 9 month(s)

Contact Alphi : Abdel Lamsaoui