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Financial gain compared to slabs solutions or traditional system. 
Compliant with the decree dated September 2004 concerning falls from height. 
25% time earned in crane load.


The versatile TopDalle system suits every type of building: offices, homes, retirement residences, hospitals, prisons, etc.

Designed by the Alphi Design Office in collaboration with CARSAT Rhône-Alpes, Top Dalle formwork is compliant with the decree of September 2004 on falls from height thanks to its anti-tipping system for the secondary frames and controlled spacing of 13 cm between frames.

Installation and removal of frames is performed from ground level
With theTop Perche, the formwork is set up and removed from ground level (no need for the rolling safety ladder).

Freestanding system
The unique design of the TopDalle system guarantees optimum stability.

Protection from theft
The chemical process developed by Alphi prevents fraudulent recycling of aluminium beams.

The lowest weight per m² formwork on the market

Made of aluminium, the frames and beams contribute to making the TopDalle portable formwork system so lightweight.

Less repetitive strain injury
    •    Best weight distribution.
    •    Ergonomic handles on the C2+ and C4+.
    •    Allows 15-mm plywood to be used.

Less noise pollution
Compliance with the European Noise Directive (Directive 2003/10/EC dated 6February 2003).

Easy identification
The beams are colour-coded in compliance with the layout drawings provided.

Simple and quick to install,
30 m² / person / day at a height of 2.50 m(formwork/ formwork removal / cladding / adjustment).

Easy removal
The drop-head for fast removal integrated in the technical support (Alphi patented system) keeps the slab supported during formwork removal. The rotation of the aluminium structure is accelerated.

Flexible use to satisfy all possible technical requirements

  • "Primary on primary" assembly allows the TopDalle system to adapt to the exact dimensions of the cells.
  • The C2+ and C4+ frames of TopDalle formwork can be adapted to all modular slabs including primaries, secondaries, and drop-heads.

Cast concrete thickness above 80 cm, according to configuration.

Superior quality of concrete undersides 

Deflection limited to L/400 (quality exceeding DTU 21 recommendations  for concrete floors).

Nailing to wooden inserts

Securing the plywood (15 mm authorised) by nailing.


Beams are designed in accordance with the NF 93-322 standard concerning formwork.

All TopDalle elements have been tested by the LOCIE independent laboratory at the University of Savoie Mont-Blanc.

More information on TopDalle

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