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EPSAN 2015 - Strasbourg (67)

The Northern Alsace Public Healthcare Facility (EPSAN) was located in Strasbourg as part of the urban renovation of the Cronenbourg district in the Einstein/Becquerel area. The project addresses the need for psychiatric hospital beds in the Strasbourg urban community. The new hospital will have a capacity of 140 beds. Eiffage Construction Alsace, which is in charge of the structural work, asked Alphi to create the floors.

The operation
This is a new construction project to build a complete 140-bed adult psychiatric hospital.The project has a footprint of around 9,500 m² on a 17,800 m² plot of land. The buildings will have a ground floor, first and second storey over a basement or crawl space, with a main structure made of reinforced concrete. Cast-in-situ slabs were chosen for the floors.

15 000
 m² of TopDalle floors
The adaptability of the TopDalle formwork system satisfies the need for different installation configurations, from 2 to 4 m in height. The slight spacing between frames was also an advantage when installing the insulation. 
6,500 m² of insulation was placed directly in the bottom of the formwork, making the plywood laying stage unnecessary.

Sébastien Kornmeyer's point of view:

"We chose Alphi because its financial offer turned out to be the most favourable one. The guaranteed observance of deadlines also met our expectations. During set-up, we noticed that the TopDalle product is especially safe for the installers, who can feel confident walking all over the formwork, with its controlled 13-cm spacing between beams."

_Head Construction Manager, EIFFAGEConstruction Strasbourg

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Customer : Eiffage construction Strasbourg

    Alphi equipment used :
  • TopDalle - 1 350 m²

Construction time : 9 month(s)

Contact Alphi : Mathieu Montaigu