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Chalets de la Balme - Val d’Isère (73)

In the Val d’Isère resort in Savoie, at an altitude of 1,800 m, three new high-end chalets have been built in the Balme sector. Heading the project is Construction Savoyarde, which specialises in construction projects in mountainous landscapes. Once again it placed its trust in Alphi equipment for the formwork and shoring of the slabs. In this case, this means TopDalle formwork and A120 shoring towers.

The operation
The programme consisted of building three luxury chalets with indoor pool, each one with three storeys + 1 parking level.As with most mountain building sites, the time constraint had to be taken into consideration. Timescales were always tight because there are only five months during which the companies have good working conditions. The operation started in late May 2014 and the structural work was completed on 15th August. The chalets were delivered on 10th December last year.

Floors and pool overhangs

All the floors were created with the TopDalle system, i.e. approximately 1 000 m² of slabs. A120 shoring towers were used for shoring above the indoor pools, for a surface of 200 m².

Mickael Mousselard tells us:

"By agreement with Patrice Broche and Sylvain Merel, joint managers of the company, in 2013 we replaced the formwork we had been using until then with Alphi's TopDalle system, and we have stuck with it ever since. The teams were very quickly operational with the product, which was quick and easy to set up. Light weight, easy handling, safety, productivity, cost, and availability in stock are the other qualities we appreciate. I also like the fact of having a single contact person throughout the project. We developed a trusting relationship with Alphi, which fostered the efficiency and responsiveness we needed in view of the special nature of managing construction projects in a mountain setting."


Benchmarks sites

Customer : Construction savoyarde

    Alphi equipment used :
  • TopDalle - 340 m²

Construction time : 3 month(s)

Contact Alphi : Olivier Brosset