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Hotel K2 - Courchevel (73)

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Stéphane Denche - Head Project Manager, Spie Batignolles Sud-Est
- You discovered Top Dalle formwork in 2009. What do you like about it ?
I used Top Dalle formwork for the first time last year, on the Club Med extension project in Val d’Isère. We must meet the challenge of creating a building covering more than 7300 m² on eight storeys, in a time frame of less than two and a half months for the structural work. With Top Dalle modular formwork, our teams were able to progress at an average rate of 140 m² formwork/reinforcement/casting per day. This productivity was made possible mainly thanks to the ergonomic and handling qualities of the formwork. Considerable time savings were also made on packaging and handling the equipment. I would also say that the safety aspect was important in the choice of Top Dalle. The stability of the beams at the top when plating prevents falls from height, which are still too common on building sites. If I had to pick the two most important qualities of Top Dalle, I would say ergonomics and safety.

- You specialise in mountain building sites. Why choose Alphi ?
This type of project has very specific constraints, particularly in terms of deadlines and technical aspects. Flexibility, adaptability, and responsiveness are everyday concerns for us, and I know we can count on Alphi for all of these things. In fact, we have just started a project for 20 000 m² of floor to be set up in six months at Courchevel, with Alphi equipment. This project, called K2, is a five-star hotel. It is one of the biggest building sites currently being conducted at a mountain resort.

- Is the "innovation" aspect important to you ?
It is fundamental, because everything goes faster now, the technical challenges are increasing, and we must constantly find (or invent) the most appropriate equipment. That is where our Group's long-standing partnership with Alphi comes into its own. I know that, no matter what problem arises, Alexandre Souvignet and his team will do everything possible to bring us the most efficient solution.

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Customer : Spie Batignolles Sud-Est

    Alphi equipment used :
  • TopDalle - 1 550 m²

Construction time : 6 month(s)

Contact Alphi : Olivier Brosset