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One of the most lightweight formwork systems on the market
Drop-head integrated in the prop (Alphi patented system), safe removal guaranteed.


The economical, high-performance, Dalphi floor formwork system suits all types of building: offices, homes, retirement residences, hospitals, and prisons.


25 m² / person / day.

Fast rotation of equipment 

Small quantity of equipment used thanks to fast rotations. 

Easy removal 

The drop-head integrated in the technical support (Alphi patented system) allows a fast removal. The slab remains supported during formwork removal : the rotation of the aluminium structure is accelerated.

Easy identification 

The beams are colour-coded in compliance with the layout drawings created by the Alphi design office.


The components of the Dalphi system allow independent work not requiring the crane. This leaves the crane available for other tasks.

A wide choice of sizes
The size of the beams suits the needs of each project. Five primary beam lengths and three secondary beam lengths are offered.

Flexibility of use
    •    "Primary on primary" assembly allows the Dalphi system to adapt to the exact dimensions of the cells.
    •    beams can even be mounted on shoring towers.

Concrete formwork up to 1.40 m thick


The beams are designed in compliance with the NF 93-322 standard concerning formwork.

Protection from theft 

The chemical process developed by Alphi prevents fraudulent recycling of aluminium beams.

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