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Urban Garden - Marseille (Bouches du Rhône)

The Urban Garden residential building has just been completed in the La Capelette district of Marseille Grand Est, after two years of construction work. Philippe Richaud, Project Manager, and Antoine Denet, Construction Manager for Travaux du Midi Marseille - Vinci Group - describe their impressions.

Urban Garden: a special project ?
This building contains 99 residential units and 2000 m² of commercial space on the ground floor and underground parking, i.e. a building stretching over nine levels from the second basement to the sixth floor. Its most notable special features are a very high ground floor, the inclusion of many balconies, loggias and patios, and curved walls at the front, designed by the architects from TanGram.

- You chose the Top Dalle system for your floors: why is that ?
At first, Top Dalle formwork was chosen because it is light and easy to handle, with no need for a crane. When we started using it, in addition to the qualities just mentioned, the fact that it was easy to use ensured a good work rate, both for setting up and removing the formwork, and the modularity of the product enabled us to satisfy the requirement for a curved wall in this project. It was also easy for us to demonstrate to the inspection bodies that our work was carried out under optimum safety conditions.

- Was this Travaux du Midi Marseille's first time working with Alphi ?
Yes, in fact, Olivier Bismuth, our contact at Alphi, guided us through the project from beginning to end: not only when finalising the contract but also throughout the job. The training dispensed to eight people, the layout drawings created by the Methods Department, the responsiveness and the discussions that arose from all of our questions, whether financial or technical, were things that we greatly appreciated in our dealings with Alphi. A partnership that should not end here...

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Customer : Les Travaux du Midi Marseille - Groupe Vinci Construction

    Alphi equipment used :
  • TopDalle - 1 475 m²

Construction time : 15 month(s)