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Stade d’honneur de Beaublanc (Beaublanc Stadium) - Limoges (87)

In 2012, the city of Limoges launched a major project to restructure the Beaublanc Stadium. The stadium originally seated 9,900 spectators, and the construction project aims to expand that capacity to 14 000 after the first phase of the work. Eiffage Construction Limousin, which is in charge of the structural work, asked Alphi to create the floors and a very special shoring system.

The operation
The project is based on four stands, and under the terraces will be all the facilities required for association football and rugby: dressing rooms, press rooms, boxes, a restaurant, and a reception room.The stadium was designed by the Ferret architectural firm, and has already been renamed the "Porcelain Stadium" because the kaolin in the concrete frame gives the facility a bright white appearance. The project complies with the HQE approach.

A custom response from Alphi's R&D Department

For the floors, the in-situ casting option was chosen by Eiffage. A floor area of around 13 000 m² has been created with the MaxiDalle formwork system, which is particularly well suited to this type of structure.
On the front face, 25 A120 shoring towers, compliant with NT24 regulations, were deployed at a height of 20 m. A special feature of this project was that Eiffage Construction Limousin wanted to be able to recover racks of up to 8 tons at a 34° angle.
The Alphi design office was given free rein to work out how to do this, and a specially adapted part at the top of the tower was designed and produced for this project.

Thierry Mondange says -

"Alphiis a serious partner, known for its fair prices. These are the attributes that made us choose Alphi for this project. We worked very well together throughout this project. We especially liked the quality of the approach taken by the Alphi design office and the timely solutions provided with regard to methods. Alphi is the right partner for big projects."

_EIFFAGE CONSTRUCTIONLimousin Construction Manager

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Construction time : 15 month(s)

Contact Alphi : Abdel Lamsaoui