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New Chambéry Hospital - Chambéry (73)

70 000  of floors made of MaxiDalle
The design for the new hospital in Chambéry, with a capacity of 671 beds, combines modernity with architectural, town planning and environmental qualities, since it will be the first HQE and BBC certified hospital in France.
With a floor surface of more than 70 000 m² to be cast,the construction method was subject to a detailed study lasting almost a year. The consortium (GRM, Dumez Groupe, VINCI and GCC) chose MaxiDalle formwork designed by Alphi: an innovative concept guaranteeing high set-up rates and therefore optimum construction costs and observance of deadlines. One of the advantages of MaxiDalle—the optimum re-use of the plywood integrated in the frame—is proving its worth in this particular project, since the same sheet of plywood will have been used up to 50 times.

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Customer : Groupement VINCI et GCC

    Alphi equipment used :
  • MaxiDalle - 1 500 m²

Construction time : 20 month(s)

Contact Alphi : Olivier Brosset