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A slab with an extraordinary scope


Construction savoyard and GSB built the extension of the Leclerc Center in Ville-La-Grand. The market allotees companies chose ALPHI and theShoring Towers A120 for the propping of the 15 000 m building.

An exceptional charge of 15 m

For this achievement, 200 Tons of shoring towers are necessary. At a height of 4 m, they enable to support the alveolar slab for an exceptional charge of 15 m (for a width of 1.20 m).

Far from the standard efforts, the support reaction of the alveolar slabs of this building site is 9 tons per linear meter. The thickness of the slabs reach 58 cm : 40 cm of alveolar slab + 18 cm of compression concrete.

The point of view of Laurent BRUNET-DURAND

"We have already had the opportunity to work with ALPHI on several projects who have always gone well. The building of the new Leclerc Center presented specific technical constraints that we never had to face in the past. We have chose the shoring Tower A120 ALPHI for the propping of this building site due to the simplicity of the system, the quality of the Engineering Studies done by ALPH, and of course, the price parameters. This product has perfectly fulfilled its role."

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