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New in safety: AlphiSafe


AlphiSafe: a safety system that is safe to install!

AlphiSafe is a complete protection system which is compliant with the EN13374 standard and ranges from formwork to slab edges, and whose technical innovations allow safe installation and automatic locking.

The system has three components:

  • a formwork adapter, which exists in four models and can be mounted on all Alphi formworks and on props, as well as a concrete slab adapter screwed to the ground. They are secure because they are equipped with automatic lock tab,
  • a post incorporating the clipping parts,
  • a fence 1.30 m high protecting an ordinary slab formwork up to 30 cm thick. Lightweight, less than 15 kg for the 2.5 m long model, it helps to reduce repetitive strain injury.

Honourable mention for "Safety & Prevention" at the Batimat 2015 innovation competition.