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Alphi handling racks facilitate movement on site.
They are designed to reduce repetitive strain injuries.

Handling Racks

  • Vertical storage rack: easy vertical storage of the primary and secondary beams for Dalphi, TopDalle and TopDalle Eco formwork systems.
  • AlphiSafe rack: allows adapters, posts and meshes to be stored at the same time.
  • TransEtais: with low raising of props (just 10 cm), a non-skid system and an ergonomic bar, the TransEtais helps to keep personnel safe and reduces repetitive strain injuries.
  • TransEtais Housing: allows the number of props needed to create a 20 m² area to be transported. Particularly suitable for residential building sites, facilitating movement in corridors. ”
  • Wheeled rack: improved handling and stability thanks to 4 steerable wheels positioned on the corners.

Easy handling: slinging using 4 hoisting rings.

  • Beam rack
  • Prop rack
  • Painted rack
  • Galvanised rack
  • Small-format sheet metal rack
  • Standard sheet metal rack

More information on Handling Racks

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