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Dairy industry Synutra - Carhaix-Plouguer (29)

The Chinese Company SYNUTRA chose Brittany for the implementation of its new production unit. For this building site of the biggest infant milk factory in the World, the Group CARDINAL entrusted to ALPHI the Engineering work, the supply and the mounting of more than 1000 Tons propping ; the mounting was done with ALPHI's Elevator Tower, innovative system plebiscited on 2015.

The biggest infant milk factory in the World

The implementation of this industrial complex includes several phases. The powder milk factory for the chinese infant market where ALPHI has contribute is the first unit of the three production units scheduled.

Towers of 49 m high

The complete solution proposed by ALPHI for a floor area of 22 470 m² (for 3 buildings) includes the supply and the setting-up, in collaboration with our laying provider, of 1 100 Tons propping composed of Shoring Towers A120 and TourEchaf, for 6 levels, at a height of 49 m. These towers present the advantage of an assembly and disassembly done in whole security, limiting the falls from the heights.

A first for the Tower Elevator

Innovation recognized by the jury for the trophy "All concerned" and "Elected product of the year 2015 by construction professionals", the Elevator Tower ALPHI allows a new way for assembly of the towers, starting from the highest level to end at the lowest level. An undeniable gain regarding safety : removal of falls from the heights, reduction of painfulness and reduction of the Musculoskeletal Disorders : no material is rising above the heart, and productivity.

Benchmarks sites

Customer : Cardinal

Surface concerned : 22 470 m² de plancher (pour 3 bâtiments)

Construction time : 12 month(s)

Contact Alphi : Eric Haentjens