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TC10 cable car station - Val d'Isère (73)

Eiffage is building the Val d'Isère cable car station, the highest building site in France at an altitude of 2,600 m. The company has asked Alphi to handle the shoring of an unusually large overhang. This is done entirely using A120 towers.

The operation 

The TC10 will serve the high-altitude area above Val d'Isère. The TC10 is more than an ultra-modern cable car; it will give access to a new area for beginners and gentle skiers at high altitude. With 91 cabins, each one having a 10-seat capacity, this facility will provide optimum comfort: heated seats, WiFi, etc., with traffic of 3,600 users per hour. The TC10 will also relieve the landscape, since the pylons of the old cable car system will be removed.

An unusual overhang
Floors poured in situ and prefabricated slabs were chosen as the construction solution for this project. The unusual feature of this worksite was the creation of an overhang supported by two shell elements, 45 m long and 9 m high. It will support two levels of slabs and a concrete roof with a 30% slope poured in situ: another feature of this worksite. The 200 tons of shoring used will remain in place until the end of the operation.
Great care was taken over safety for this project, as with all projects conducted by Eiffage.

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Customer : Eiffage

Construction time : 4 month(s)

Contact Alphi : Olivier Brosset